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Union City Mid-year Kindergarten Program

Kudos to Union City’s New Haven School District, which today announced a “Mid-year” kindergarten (KG) full-day program for kids who were not old enough to start KG when the 2008-09 school year started.  The program starts on January 262009 and runs through the end of the school year on June 11. 

 Generally, a child is eligible to enroll in regular KG if he/she was 5 years old on or before December 2. For those kids who turned 5 since December 3, or who will turn 5 before March 20, New Haven offers the mid-year program as a means to keep kids occupied and learning.  

According to the school district, class will begin at 8am each day and be dismissed at 2:05pm.  The program will only be offered at the Cabello Student Support Center, at 4500 Cabello St in Union City.  Here’s a map of it.  There will be no charge, but parents will be responsible for transportation.

Enrollment in the mid-year kindergarten program is of course limited, with first priority going to children whose families reside within the New Haven district.  But, if space still is available after District families have been accommodated, enrollment will be extended to children whose families live outside the District. 

Parents can enroll their children by calling (510) 489-4141, ext. 200, to make an appointment at the Cabello Student Support Center and pick up enrollment forms there as well.

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