Upon deciding to place our home for sale, we chose to select an agent through an interview process with an emphasis of who we can feel comfortable with. After interviewing 4 agents, we selected Veena due to her simple and easy going presentation. The other agents arrived with their  Benz’s or BMW’s, and over the top presentations complete with expensive folders and binders detailing accomplishments and scope of area coverage.  The bells and whistles was just too overwhelming for us but Veena came in very warm and humble and stated the simple facts which we were somewhat aware of already.  That the market was soft and home prices were deteriorating and pricing it properly would be the key.

Her demeanor was very calm but confident. She assisted in staging our home, providing several decorating items and suggesting several ideas that would make it more appealing. She was very accomodating and worked with us throughout the whole process. She did not enforce anything that we were uncomfortable with. She handled a lot of the bumps and bruises that materialized during the selling process. She was very re-assuring during the escrow process especially when minor problems arised due to the financial turmoil in todays economy.

If you want someone to handle a very emotional and very important decision, like selling your property, we would recommend Veena. She is great to work and communicate with. We did not hesitate to call her whenever we had concerns or questions. She always made the effort to call or email an answer.  She made the whole process relatively pain free.  Thank you so much Veena for making it possible!”

– Sammy & Linda Torres, Union City


“Veena is one of the few Fremont realtors who does it all.  She went above and beyond our expectations.  We were in a unique situation where we had to move out of state while our house in Danville was listed.  This made Veena’s job that much harder because she had to make sure that the house was ready to show on her own.  She made great recommendations to us on how we could increase the value of our Danville home and she listened to and addressed all of our concerns.

Once we decided to make renovations to our house, she made sure that all of the contractors finished on time and under budget.  Having Veena take care of these issues really put us at ease.  She hosted multiple open houses to make sure that we had maximum exposure in the market.  Also, she made sure that we were listed with pictures and a virtual tour on all of the sites on the Internet.

Additionally, once we received offers she gave us guidance on how we should go about the negotiation or whether or not we should take an offer seriously.

I would recommend Veena to anyone searching for a realtor to buy or sell a house.  She has great market awareness and experience.  The fact that she is so organized really puts the homeowner or home searcher at ease. Go with Veena and relax because you will be making a great choice!”

– Elliott and Kim Koppel, Danville


“We have sought Veena‘s help to buy as well as sell our house and the experience was simply outstanding. We could not have asked any thing better in terms of service. Her professionalism in terms of working with us patiently through the deal has been exemplary at the same time extremely simple. The detailed advice in terms of presentation of house for sale or for the purchase of the home in Fremont has been the highlight of the experience.

Veena understands the customer needs and helps negotiate the deal for her clients which I can emphatically say  that I could not have gotten if I compare to other agents which I knew and some of my friends have gone through. Simply said, this is the best it could get if one wants to have an excellent experience without getting too overwhelmed in the process of buying or selling a house”.
– Rajiv and Rashmi Ohja, San Ramon


“… We were scrambling with our kids in our new Santa Clara Rivermark home and were finding it very difficult to get our old house in Tracy ready for sale. Veena and [her husband and partner] VJ came as Angels who with their pleasant and welcoming personality took over the responsibility of getting our house ready for sale.  We sold our house in Tracy immediately and also got the price we were targeting.  Veena and VJ are the best pair to work with, and they make the whole process of buying and selling very pleasant.  I will always work with them.”

– Rajeev Handa, Santa Clara (Rivermark)


Please contact Veena if you are interested in seeing additional testimonials or would like to speak with her references.


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